Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trips and Baby Booties

This last weekend I traveled home for my niece's baptism.  It being a 7 hour drive, I tried to pack my "project bag" accordingly.  I brought my socks in progress (they go everywhere with me), the sweater wrap I'm knitting for my sister, and the pair of baby booties I started for my niece (a pair of totally adorable knitted Converse hightops).  

I also included a drop spindle with some of the mixed BFL I'm spinning.  I was hoping to have the baby booties closer to finished on the drive there, but it didn't happen.  I ran into this thing called "poor preparation" and it bit me in the ass.  While I had started these booties, and quickly scanned the entire directions, I had failed to make note of the special stitches required in the pattern, which means I hadn't looked up how to do them, and was stuck in the middle of Wyoming with no 3G and no way to check what the stitch directions meant.  So, I was on temporary hold with the booties.  I pulled out the sweater wrap, and discovered I was almost to the end of the yarn skein.  Forgetting this, I had failed to pack more yarn.  Yes, I managed to finish a few more rows before the yarn ran out, then I had to pack that away, too.  I brought out my spindle once I was home, and showed my family what I have learned about making yarn.  I spent my 15 minutes a day spinning, and then I ran out of fiber.  I'd only packed a little bit since I was planning (hah!) on doing more knitting.  Needless to say, I played a lot of soduko on the drive.

And my niece is abso-fricken-lutely adorable.  

Converse-style baby booties

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