Friday, June 14, 2013

The World Is On Fire

For anyone in the Colorado Springs area, you already know our world is on fire.  We have fires burning to the south of us at the Royal Gorge, and the Black Forest fire to the immediate north.  The evacuation area is about 4 miles to the north of me.  It smells like a camp fire, but of course it's the pine forest and homes that are burning.

I don't know why this fire is hitting me so hard.  The Waldo Canyon fire one year ago didn't stress me out this way.  I'm having trouble knitting.  Maybe it's because I know more people who are affected by this fire.  Maybe it's because my bee yard is in a mandatory evacuation zone (and I'm still waiting for Dick to email or call me letting me know he got out OK.  Dick, you out there?).  Maybe it's because I'm paying more attention to the outside world this year.  Who knows.

I'm watching a friend's dog for a few days.  They're in a mandatory evacuation zone.  I feel slightly helpless, and being able to do something is making me feel a little better.  Several of my knit group ladies are evacuated, and they're planning a special knit group session this weekend, which unfortunately I am unable to attend.  I would love to be able to hug each of them in person, just to make sure they're good.

Beginning of the Black Forest Fire, taken Tuesday from the edge of my neighborhood.
UPDATE 6/17/13: 75% containment, 511 homes completely destroyed, 2 deaths, and thousands still in the evacuation area.  Dick's place and the hive boxes are OK. 

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