Friday, August 16, 2013

Campfire Games

The August challenge for Camp Loopy is out, and I'm still working on July!  THIS ONE I WILL FINISH!  No, really.  I'm on track for this one.  I've finished 4 triangles and am halfway through my Wingspan

From The Loopy Ewe blog:
The Challenge for Project Three – The project needs to use at least 800 yards, single stranded. That’s the only requirement! So you can knit a sweater, or a vest, or a blanket, or a bag, or a shawl, or anything that uses 800 yards in one project.

For those of you who don't knit, 800 yards is A LOT of yarn.  The scarf I'm knitting now is only 500 yards, and I've been working all month on it.  I don't think I've even done a project which used 800 yards before.  Nope. Not so optimistic about this one.

The Wingspan was finished!  Final count was 13 triangles, and I think it turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Ummmm, I haven't even cast-on for my third project yet.

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