Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bees 10, Me 0

The weekend before last I was going into the hives to do the first checks of the season, when I got a face full of bees.  I was being overconfident, not wearing any gear, didn't light my smoker, and it was overcast.  I knew better. 

Well, the hive with Queen Elena was a little hot.  I'd pulled maybe two frames when I got stung right on the nose.  After that all I saw was bees headed straight for my face.  What did I do?  I dropped the frame and ran away, of course.  I pulled my shirt over my head and tried to keep the bees away from my face.

Mr. HPL, who was suited up, behaved like a rock star.  He calmly replaced the frame, closed up the hive, and came to help me get rid of the bees around my head.  ROCK STAR. 

The final count was around 8-10 stings.  They got my nose, chin, ear, nape x 3, and arm.  The bees totally won that round.  Somedays being a beekeeper is hard.

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