Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Episode 20: The Fate of the Bees

Thanks for coming back to watch My High Plains Life!  I'd like to welcome any new viewers we have. 
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Here are the show notes for Episode 20:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
Eileen Tee, by Coralee Meslin, out of Tahkli Yarns Sedona in kiwi, Ends woven in.  So it's finished finished finished.

Blueberry waffle socks out of MadTosh Sock in Cobbler color way, no nylon so doing heels out of diff yarn

Celtic Myths shawl, doing the fingering weight pattern and turning out much better on the edging.

Stalking - nothing, trying to finish up WIPS

Acquisitions - fabric, I've been very bad

Spinning Projects -

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - 
Nicole's wedding quilt, some new blocks, about half done point.
Jo Morton reproduction prints and patterns club called Jo's Little Women, paper pieced pineapple block table runner, and little baskets wall hanging

In the Garden: landscaper hired, now I just need to plan the perennials.  Yes I'm an engineer and have it graphed out with existing plants to determine where I want things to go.
Rhubarb is up and I've already divided three splits off it leaving plenty behind.

In the Beeyard - And the bees are . . . 
Swarm season isn't generally until May, but need to act now to prevent losing any bees.

Off Topic:  
Watching:  Grocery Girls with Jodi and Tracie.  They've only been podcasting a few months and already have almost 8000 followers!  What's up with all the Canadian podcasters?
Went to a new doctor for an independent diagnosis for disability paperwork, and left with an optimistic feeling.  Playing with my meds right now and I can tell.
Went for first motorcycle ride of the season, it was nice to get out and blow the dust off.
First fire of the year, even smoked some cigars.  Nice to hang out and talk with the hubby.

Thanks for watching!

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