Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Episode 40: It's Been 17 Days Since My Last Podcast

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Here are the show notes for Episode 40:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 

Vanilla Supergirl socks for E.  Doing the toes and cuffs in Hedgehog Fibers Electric blue, body in Madtosh red. 

Runa by Gudrun Johnston.  Loving the rhythm of the seed stitch.  Had a change in shade from one skein to the other, so now I'm feathering in the new skeins.

Prayer shawl for church.

Celestarium by Audrey Nickels.  Using a local yarn from Spruce Dragon called Twinkle in the Midnight Blue II color way.  Using different colored beads for the different magnitudes of the stars.  Started before the eclipse last year, and it's kind of been on hiatus since it's a knit I have to pay attention to.  Currently halfway through the F charts, which puts me at 64.6% done with 576 stitches/round, although it feels like more.


Acquisitions -  what else? fabric!

Spinning Projects - plyed my Broncos BFL and gave it a soak.  Split out 2 oz of soy silk fiber for a swap Spinners with Altitude is doing on the 28th.  Alpaca on a spindle. In a plying mood.

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - Prairie Woman Sewing Circle, catching up slowly.  Finished the 16 blocks for March, need to sew together and finish.  Compiling scraps to send to another podcaster, and having trouble limiting what to send due to weight/postage.

In the Garden: And . . . it's still snowing.  The wind blew so hard last week it knocked a fence panel and several other boards down.  Rhubarb is up and growing.

In the Beeyard - I've been slowly cleaning up my equipment.

Off Topic:  Willow went to the groomers and it promptly snowed.
BatterUpKAL with InASknit.  Splash Pad Party KAL with Boston Jen of Down Cellar Studio.
Watching/Listening:  Path to the Draft.  

Thanks for watching!

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