Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Episode 23: It's a Sweet Life!

Thanks for coming back to watch My High Plains Life!  I'd like to welcome any new viewers we have. 
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Here are the show notes for Episode 23:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
FO's: n/a

Celtic Myths shawl, doing the fingering weight pattern, finally on the border!  going to run out of yarn, had to order another skein.  Hope the color blends into the border well enough.  This is going to be an expensive shawl.

Stalking - things for the Colors of the Season KAL, swatching for the Linum tee, 

Acquisitions - 

Spinning Projects -

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - 
Nicole's wedding quilt, some new blocks, trying to get my rear in gear already.

In the Garden: we had yet another hail storm, and my rhubarb is still recovering.  Perennials are blooming and growing.  Hops are about 7-8 ft tall now.

In the Beeyard - Extraction party went great, if messy.  Everything got sticky.  Hubby used it as excuse to buy a power washer.  Rented extractor from the Pikes Peak Beekeeper's Association.

I've gone out on two swarm calls, but I only managed to get one, and not sure if I got the queen at that.  Installed in a hive.  Checked them yesterday and they were still there but didn't see any brood or eggs.  Not enough population to make it worthwhile to requeen.
Also did a hive extraction for a lady with bees in her house.

Off Topic:  
Watching: n/a
Want to play in the Colors of the Season KAL? Started June 1, thru Aug 31.  Make something in the colors of the season that inspire you.

Thanks for watching!

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