Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Episode 26: Celtic Cables are Done!

Welcome viewers! 
I am DaniGirlCO on Instagram, Periscope and Ravelry.
Here are the show notes for Episode 26:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
FO's: Celtic Myths shawl by Asita Krebs, need to clear off the guest bed so I can block it.

Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy, using Classic Elite Bella Lino yarn, sz 3 needles.  I connected the shoulders using a 3 needle bind off (my first), need arm bands and it's done.
Blueberry waffle socks out of Opal in summer colors because I needed another pair to tote around. 

Stalking - Nothing, trying to stay faithful to current knitting. Although the Transverse Cardigan in my queue will be moving into projects soon.  Looking for Berroco pattern book #294 Origami.  It has the Kiama pattern in it that I would love to make out of handspan, but can't purchase a digital copy.  From 2010 so it's not in stores anymore.

Acquisitions - fabrics

Spinning Projects -
none, I'm in a slump

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - 
Mystery Block of the Month put together with sashing/cornerstones.  Need to figure out a border. I'm now addicted to EPP hexis, slowly growing larger. Not sure what I'll do with it.  All of these are using 1800's reproduction fabrics.
Cousins wedding quilt is back from the long-armer, now I "just" need to bind it.  Again, it's huge and unwieldy. 

In the Garden: Need to start fall clean up, pulling weeds, mint (never-ending), etc.

In the Beeyard - 
Will start again in the spring with a swarm.  First time since 2012 I haven't gone into winter with a hive.

Off Topic:  
Watching: Listening - Down Cellar Studio with Boston Jen
Are you playing in any KALs?  What are they?  I'm participating in the Down Cellar Studio podcast Pigskin Party 2016 KAL.  If you're not a member of the group already and want to play along, let me know because I can get points for "drafting" somebody.  I normally watch some of the games anyway, but this year I'm playing in some fantasy football leagues so NFL Redzone is my friend.
Took a motorcycle trip over the 17th to Snowmass, CO.  Four passes in two days, leaves changing, balloon glow and a free concert.  It was really good, and I didn't have to push myself too hard to be social.  Still took time to recuperate after though. 
Received a lovely package from Roseanna of Meli Melo Arts with some stitch markers.  Take a look at her Etsy shop.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Great podcast! I also have suffered from depression and anxiety issue in my life, so glad you are making progress forward. Creativity has always been a great outlet for me and it is always nice to make a new friend. My last journey to Colorado Springs, was when my daughter was a high country ranger in Creede for a summer during college. She took me on a 12,000 ft high adventure on horseback, across the continental divide. The Rangers told me it was not a trail on any map! Twenty-six miles later we were taking water samples and the storm blew up, with lightening. We were galloping across a plateau over the side and down a summer waterfall of sorts...the next day was my flight home and I couldn't sit for a week without pain. LOL The next time a high country ranger asks me if I know how to ride, I'll just say NO! Thank you for u for the lovely shout out and I hope you are enjoying the stitch markers!❤️

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  3. has the Berroco #294 Origami for sale for $12.00.

  4. I would add the ribbing to the sleeve.

  5. started celtic myth shawl,my first time knitting cables i am finding the chart confusing wish there were a written pattern. yours is the first live one i have seen and has given me the push i need to persevere, beautiful are so preety ,keep up the good work xxx