Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Episode 35: A Blocking Party

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Here are the show notes for Episode 35:  

On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
Campside shawl by Alicia Plummer. Using Classic Elite Yarns Soft Linen in a beautiful blue color.  Finished the edging in a blue/grey.  Still need to block.

Agleam by Lisa Mutch.  Absolutely love it.  Using Knitting Fever KFI Silk Sport that I got on sale at LYS, not normally my colors but it's growing on me.  Extending the pattern so I can use all the yarn.

Vanilla socks for Christmas 2017.  I've never knit socks so quickly before.  Using Zitron Unisono for toes/heels/cuffs and knit them TAAT to get equal length out of the Gynx Yarns sock in Ornaments color way that I actually bought in 2014.  Love it!

Stalking:  Cardigans for kids (A), the Little Rhun, My Honey, to make with a purple cotton yarn I have.  Very large urge to cast on another sweater for me though.

Acquisitions -  Went birthday shopping on Small Business Saturday and I got myself a sweater quantity!  Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce, 1900 yds, all they had.  And maybe some more.  Gifted a beautiful romney yarn from a knit group friend.

Spinning Projects - n/a

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - wanting to do some sewing with my nieces over Christmas.  Putting together a little sewing kit, some easy ornaments for them to stitch, and maybe start a doll's blanket?  I've been looking up ideas for sewing with children, and it talks about motor skills and coordination a lot, but not so much the attention span thing.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

In the Garden: n/a

In the Beeyard - Need to order my bees for next spring.  Don't want to rely on catching an early swarm.  Get on it already!  PPBA also offers packages for sale.

Off Topic:  Doing another dinner out with the ladies tomorrow.   I have my Christmas card for the flat swap, just need to gather the other stuff so I can put in mail.  Working around my depression.
Watching:  All the podcasts doing Vlogmas!  Thought about doing it too, but we'll be traveling and it looks like a lot of work!  Am having a blast watching everyone open their Advent calendars, especially the yarny ones.  Broncos are not having a good season, but I'm still cheering them on.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Excellent breakfast choice. Love the shawl and hope your sister enjoys it.

    Things I wish... I wish you could see yourself as we do: smart, kind, funny, caring, talented, a great friend, a fabulous aunt. But I know it's not easy to look past the parts of yourself that you wish were different. It's a struggle for most of us, that's why I wanted to remind you of the things we see.