Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Episode 36: Are You Ready for Christmas?

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Here are the show notes for Episode 36:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 

Agleam by Lisa Mutch.  Absolutely love it.  Using Knitting Fever KFI Silk Sport.  Extended the pattern and had to redo bind off FOUR times because I kept losing at yarn chicken.  For Mom?

Vanilla socks for Christmas 2017.  Used Zitron Unisono for toes/heels/cuffs and knit them TAAT to get equal length out of the Gynx Yarns sock in Ornaments color way that I actually bought in 2014.  Love it! Realized there's no nylon in Unisono.

Primavera socks that I've been knitting for years.  Literally.  Realized these also have no nylon in the Panda Toes yarn by Crazy Monkey.  Thought the cuff wasn't going to fit since there's no shaping, so I went ahead and made them longer.  Then when I was trying them on for photos realized they would have been fine.  Ugh.

Silver cardigan bKristiina Temin for one of my nieces.  Using a very bright pink and orange yarn by Lorna's Laces Sportmate.  Again, don't think I'm getting the right size, it's going to be too big.  Probably something to do with me going up a needle size.

Brian's socks will be my Christmas Eve cast on, unless I get a little ancy.  Asked him if he would wear hand knit socks if I took the time to make them.  Gave him a few choices and let him pick the yarn.  All wound up and ready to go.

Stalking:  Cardigans for kids (A), the Little Rhun, My Honey, to make with a purple cotton yarn I have.  Very large urge to cast on another sweater for me though.

Acquisitions -  waiting for Christmas

Spinning Projects - n/a

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - Put together the sewing kit and have some materials for simple stitched ornaments.  Also have a quilt-in-progress I'll be taking to work on with my mom.  Fabric is already cut out, pattern ready, just need to start sewing.

In the Garden: n/a

In the Beeyard - Need to order my bees for next spring.  Nobody ships anymore!  I'll have to go pick them up.

Off Topic:  Received my Christmas card for the Yarnderwoman flat swap, and put mine in the mail.  Hope they like it!  Made up a Movie Night basket for my local fire station.  It was so fun.  Not ready for Christmas at all.  Still don't have presents for everyone.  Fighting off depression is harder when you're not feeling well.
Watching:  Rick Steves' Europe.  Broncos have won two games in a row!

Thanks for watching!


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