Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Episode 42: Catching Up With Life

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Here are the show notes for Episode 42:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
FO's:  n/a

Vanilla Supergirl socks for E.  Doing the toes and cuffs in Hedgehog Fibers Electric blue, body in Madtosh red. How can these not be done yet?

Runa by Gudrun Johnston.  Loving the rhythm of the seed stitch.  Have finished with the body decreases and about to point where pattern continues for all sizes.

Mix #34 cowl (dragon scale cowl) with my Maiden Hair and Bambu 7 held together.  Ended up casting on 10 extra stitches (I think) because I cast on at porch knitting.  Not sure if I like the fabric with these yarns held together, so haven't put much time into it.  Frog it?

Lattice Socks out of Oh Loops in Pickett.  Ended up ripping back to where heel finished and picking up pattern again.  Doing the extra wraps this time.

Stalking:  n/a

Acquisitions -  just a little fabric, bought by the pound

Spinning Projects - hand dyed silk mawatas on a spindle made by my dad.  Really need to soften up my hands, but the gardening season is conspiring against me.  Supported spindle.

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - Prairie Woman Sewing Circle, 
Black and White Crazy Circle quilts, finished two tops while my mom was here.  Need to figure out how to make the first one into a king size quilt.  The fabric yardage isn't cooperating.  Then I pulled out another WIP and my mom and I started back up on it.  Remember why I loved it to begin with, and can't believe I've been hiding this fabric away for so many years.

In the Garden: The yard work commences.  Vines are trellised, perennials are trimmed up, weeds slowly being pulled.  Haven't planted the garden due to weeds.  

In the Beeyard - I've stuck with keeping the bees at Homestake Nursery, because when I went to pick up equipment I'd left there, they had made me a road right up to my bees between all the compost and dirt piles.  Change in that status.  I set up two hives, and my bee packages arrived in mid May.  I ordered Carniolan queens, and they were marked.  I left them for two days, then released the queens.  I can't describe the happiness I felt watching those pretty little queens marching down into the hive.  I did put some feeders on them, but haven't been consistent about refilling them.  I am slightly reassured by seeing honeybees on my catmint, but don't know if they are mine or not.  First batch of brood should hatch in about a week.  A definite difference between the two hives, and a bit spotty, but I saw both queens.

Off Topic:  The parents visited for almost two weeks.  I got my bed fixed!  Lots of quilting with my mom, and I took her to knit group with me.  Board games and cards.  Sequence is the new favorite, as I don't think we had enough attention the night we tried Anomia (recommended by Amy Beth).
Are you doing Stash Dash with the Knit Girllls?
Watching/Listening:  Midsomer Murders courtesy of my parents.  Thanks guys.  Spin Control by aJoyfulGirl.  Shilo has moved here to COS and has joined our knit group!  I've listened to her for several years off and on.  Her server crashed and she was down for awhile, so you might need to resubscribe to the RSS feed.

Thanks for watching!

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