Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Episode 43: Gradient Gone Wrong

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Here are the show notes for Episode 43:  
On the Needles: 
Knitting Projects - 
FO's:  n/a

Vanilla Supergirl socks for E.  Doing the toes and cuffs in Hedgehog Fibers Electric blue, body in Madtosh red. How can these not be done yet?

Runa by Gudrun Johnston.  Loving the rhythm of the seed stitch.  Have done 2nd Vikkel braid and am beginning upper body.

Lattice Socks out of Oh Loops in Pickett.  Ended up ripping back AGAIN because I messed up the diamond pattern.

Cecilliana "You're Healing My Heart" by Lisa Hannes.  Deb came back from TNNA with some Three Irish Girls that jumped into my hands.  Bought needles and cast on right then at knit group.  Tres Chic and Hemlock.  Loving it.
 Stalking:  n/a

Acquisitions -  just a little MORE fabric, bought by the pound, Three Irish Girls yarn, fiber my MIL brought back from Ireland

Spinning Projects - n/a

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - Prairie Woman Sewing Circle, finished hand quilting and binding the bear claw table runner.

In the Garden: The yard work continues.  Weeds are all pulled except for the garden, sunburns continue because I apparently didn't learn the first time.

In the Beeyard - PPBA is doing a bee yard visit on Jun 30, which of course I'm busy for.  Slow going due to the dearth.

Off Topic:  Willow may be a good therapy dog after all. Hmmmmm . . . 
Watching/Listening:  Imagined Landscapes.  What's up with me loving all the Canadians right now?

Thanks for watching!

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