Sunday, June 7, 2015

Episode 2: More of my Hobbies

A big thank you to everyone who watched my first episode and to those who gave feedback.  I'm enjoying myself, and hopefully you'll enjoy it too.

Here are the show notes for Episode 2:

My other hobbies -  yes, I'm a schizophrenic hobbyist.  I do a little bit of a lot of things.

In the Glass: Diet Dr Pepper.  I'm addicted!

On The Road:
Motorcycling!  started on a Kawasaki vulcan 900, now onto my Victory Kingpin Low
Definitely take the MSF Beginner's Safety Course.  
Learn how to pick up a dropped bike 

On the Needles:
Knitting Projects - starting at 9:06
The Sunburst shawl by Helen Stewart
The Crossover Top by Patons, using Universal Yarn Inc. Cotton Supreme Splash in Calm Waters'

Spinning Projects -
FO my pretty blue 3 ply, spun on my Tiger's Eye drop spindle from KSInspirations
currently spinning singles from my Loop bump

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - starting at 13:10
Quilted placemats

Gone to the Dogs: starting at 17:12
Dog park etiquette
     - vaccinated
     - preferably fixed
     - pick up your poop!
     - manners - no jumping, biting, growling, etc.
     - let dogs meet off leash so they don't feel trapped

In the Garden: starting at 21:06
Trellising my hops and Jackmanjii clematis (Centennial hops for home brewing!)
Rhubarb out my ears!  Some of my favorite things to do with my "pie plant" is to make buttermilk rhubarb cake, and rhubarb compote

In the Beeyard - starting at 26:00
Queen Elena's hive has swarmed!  This is what the queen swarm cells look like.  I found them on the bottom of the frames, and several showed that they had already been released.  Hoping it recovers.

Taking care of hive equipment is A LOT of work!
Cleaning, painting, going through the frames, cutting weeds down around the hives.

Thanks for watching!

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