Monday, June 22, 2015

Episode 4: Hot Enough to Melt Wax

Here are the show notes for Episode 4:

In the Glass: Coffee with creamer for that hit of caffeine I need.

On The Road:
Yamaha Silverado stock leather seat for sale if anyone knows anybody

On the Needles:
Knitting Projects - starting at 2:42
FO - The Vanilla Ornament socks
WIP - Atlantic Current socks
both in Gynx yarns

Spinning Projects -
FO - Lemon scones merino 2-ply
currently spinning singles from my Loop bump

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - nothing this week

In the Garden: starting at 11:50
Hops progress
What's blooming: catmint, May Night salvia, something else that's purple

In the Beeyard - starting at 13:02
Update on swarmed hive - no news
Friends delivered their hive to me as they were nervous beekeeping in their neighborhood after their hive swarmed.  So now I'm back up to two hives!  
Created a recycled item solar wax melter to filter and refine the lovely gold beeswax I've got in a bucket.

Off Topic:  
I participated in the neighborhood garage sale this weekend, so I'm a little behind schedule.  Trying to minimize the clutter and get the closet down to manageable levels.

Thanks for watching!

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