Sunday, June 14, 2015

Episode 3: Not Much Knitting

Here are the show notes for Episode 3:

In the Mug: Tea, because it's been another rainy week.  Earl Grey with some of my own honey.

On the Needles:
Knitting Projects - starting at 1:50
FO - Drift by TinCanKnits, in Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine in color way 13 (teal).  LOVE the yarn.
The Crossover Top by Patons, using Universal Yarn Inc. Cotton Supreme Splash in Calm Waters

Spinning Projects -
currently still spinning singles from my Loop bump, but check out my cool 3D printed bobbin, free plan from Thingiverse

Under the Needle:
Sewing Projects - starting at 9:20
workshop on Waves of Glory by Annette Ornelas, Southwind Designs
another UFO, double wedding ring table runner by Carolyn McCormick

In the Garden: starting at 15:50
Trellising my Centennial hops along top of fence now, and Jackmanjii clematis is blooming.
Also blooming - Nepeta Walker Low catmint 

In the Beeyard - starting at 18:00
new Queen Fiona?  why swarming is bad for beekeepers, but good for nature
small (5 11/16"), medium (6 5/8"), deep (9 5/8") supers 
Thanks for watching!

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